Track Athletic Events From Your Smartphone!

During The Meet

Generate a Psych Sheet report through Meet Manager. Then click on "Upload Data File" to process the report.

Upload Psych Sheet


Once the Psych Sheet report is uploaded, Access Code customers will be able to locate their athletes name and register to track them through their mobile phone.

Following the instructions on the Access Code slip, they open a browser and enter "". Then, enter the meet number.

iPhone - Enter Meet ID Number


Next, users can locate the athletes by gender and last name.

Mobile - Select Gender Mobile - Select Gender Mobile - Select Gender Mobile - Select Gender Mobile - Select Gender

Each user can select up to 4 athletes.


Finally, the user enters the Access Code they purchased at the meet venue.

Mobile - Enter Access Code Mobile - Succesful Access Code Mobile - Succesful Access Code

Now users can track their selected athletes, view the meet program, and send a link to family and friends.


Meanwhile at the admin table, the PA announcer can log into the meet from an internet-enabled laptop where they can click "Track A Meet".

Track a Meet

After each heat as the announcer clicks "Next", the current heat is updated on each mobile device within seconds! The meet administrator or the PA Announcer can upload data files directly to MeetStatus for instant processing using the upload forms provided.

The PA Announcer can view a complete list of events, including the current status of the meet by clicking "Events".

View Events

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